More Chess Goodness – In Search of the Spanish

I’ve gone twelve games now without being able to play my favourite opening (and most successful!) with the white pieces, that’s to say: the Ruy Lopez, aka the Spanish Opening. In a lot of ways it’s quite frustating as I’m still trying to learn the ins and outs of the system and need some practice against real players, but at the same time it’s a testament to the myriad combinations chess offers up that instead I’m learning about The French Defense (lots of these), Alekhine’s Defense, The Sicilian… and whatever else my opponents throw at me when I move my first pawn to e4.

On the upside I’m currently playing two games as black with the King’s Indian Defense, which is my favourite position to be in when on the defensive, so I guess I can’t have it both ways. Still I’d love to get some Spanish Games going as I have a couple of new ideas to try out and I’m eager to get them into play!


~ by metafur on May 15, 2011.

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