Top Five ~ Dragons

Mmm… being at a loose end I’ve come up with this to entertain myself. In honour of Temeraire here is my list of the top five Dragons like… ever!

5) Puff the Magic Dragon – Okay, so it’s probably best to admit at this point that I don’t really know that many dragons, and so Puff makes it in at number five by default. But hey, he’s a magic dragon, and he lives by the sea. In my book that makes him alright!

4) Silvara –  Actually this is the only dragon I can remember the name of in the Dragonlance stories, and I don’t want to make this a Tolkienfest. Still, she spends most of her time disguised as a smoking hot elf-maid with silver hair and gets naked a lot, so she makes the list! What? It’s the 21st Century – don’t judge me!

3) GlaurungTolkien  gave us a few memorable dragons in his stories, this one is from The Silmarillion and a nastier piece of work you’d be hard pressed to find. We are talking about a dragon here who not only killed heaps of people, gathered a glittering hoard, and all the usual dragony stuff, but was also responsible for making a man sleep with his own sister and subsequently get her pregnant. That my friends is just evil. Why did he do it? Probably compensating for the fact that he didn’t have any wings, and all the other dragons made fun of him or something. Still, that’s no excuse!!

2) TemeraireNaomi Novik’s awesome creation. Clever, sleek , and a voracious reader, Temeraire is a dragon’s dragon. But I shall say no more about him until you’ve all gone out and read the book!

1) Smaug the MagnificentYes the villain of The Hobbit comes in at number one. Was there ever any doubt? Cunning, cruel, but ever so cool, Smaug is as golden as the bed he lies down on. Sure you could say he’s a evil ne’er-do-well who destroyed a dwarven city and a human town and probably has a kill count in the thousands, if not tens of thousands. But couldn’t you also say that he is just obeying his natural insticts? Is it Smaug’s fault people are so crunchy? Don’t we all want to put a little by for a rainy day? And then a little more? And a little more? And then gather it into a massive pile and lie down on it whilst picking human bones out of our teeth? Come on, be honest! Smaug is like a tiger, sure his symmetry may be fearful, but deep down he’s just a little kitten, and we love him!


~ by metafur on April 5, 2011.

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