Temeraire (aka His Majesty’s Dragon) ~ Naomi Novik

Temeraire is the first in a series that caught my eye in a bookshop a couple of weeks past, sometimes you just read the blurb on the back of a cover and it ticks all the boxes. Georgian England, check! The Royal Navy, check! The Napoleonic Wars, check!! Dragons, dragons? That’s check and mate! I had to give it a read.

I knew from the start that this was a book that was going to appeal to me, what I wasn’t expecting was just how much. I have to say I loved Naomi Novik’s writing, she’s just one of those authors who can carry you into a story and away, without you even noticing just how many pages you’ve turned. It’s a rare skill. I picked up the book and before I knew it I was a hundred pages in and still eager for more.

So what’s it all about? Well it’s tells the story of William Laurence, Captain of HMS Reliant, a daring naval officer with a damned fine career ahead of him. He comes of good family, he has a sweetheart at home, and he has good prospects. All this is taken from him however after capturing a French ship and finding a dragon egg stashed away in the hold. Normally, of course, capturing a dragon’s egg would bring a fine bounty from the Admiralty, but this particular egg is ready to crack and the ship is some weeks out to sea, the likelyhood of making landfall before it hatches is slim. With few options available to him Laurence makes preparations for the hatching, and an officer is chosen by lot to try and bring the dragon to harness, for if the dragon chooses a companion it will become a valuable asset to the Britsh war effort. Naturally things don’t go according to plan, and upon its hatching the Dragon chooses Laurence, who names it (or rather him) Temeraire, after the ship (in our history at least) that would go on to avenge Nelson at Trafalgar. This brings the life Laurence knew crashing down around him. He will have to leave the Navy and take Temeraire into the much maligned Aerial Corps: the Fleet of Dragons that Britain maintains to combat the threat of, well… other Fleets of Dragons.

Of course Laurence’s new life is not as bad as he first imagined it would be, the greatest compensation being Temeraire himself, a creature of vast intelligence, good companionship, and slightly revolutionary beliefs. Quite possibly the star of the book, Temeraire is as cool as they come, and has quickly become one of my favourite dragons in fantasy literature, he’s kinda special too! I’m not going to spoil any more of the plot however, if you’re looking for a good read then pick this up. I’ve already bought the next two books in the series and am half-way through the second. I’m loving that one too! Great stuff! I’m giving Temeraire Five Stars!


~ by metafur on April 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “Temeraire (aka His Majesty’s Dragon) ~ Naomi Novik”

  1. Really good write up dude, definitely think i’ll try pick this up wheni’ve finished th Mistborn Series.

  2. I heartily recommend it to any fantasy fans Jam…:)

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