The Diamond of Drury Lane ~ Julia Golding

Just a quick review for this one, as I’m somewhat pressed for time and eager to start my next read.

It actually came as something of a surprise to find that The Diamond of Drury Lane is a book aimed at a younger audience. I picked it up as it dealt with a couple of subjects that interest me (the theatre and Georgian London) and thought no more of it. A fun romp through an interesting period of history with some colourful characters is what I was hoping for, and thankfully that’s what I got. Regardless of the target audience it was an enjoyable read, it had adventure, intrigue, and was full of characters I wanted to learn more about.

I have to say I was a couple of steps ahead of the plot throughout most of the book, but I’ve never seen that as a bad thing. A reader likes to feel smart when they are trying to put together the pieces of a mystery after all! I got the warm fuzzy feeling from figuring everything out, and the book still managed to keep me interested in the tale. I’d rate that a success. I’m not going to go into the plot, though I will say it drew nicely from the backdrop it was set against. I enjoyed it and the ending was left open for a sequel, which I believe duly followed. I daresay I’ll pick it up in time, but for now I’m giving The Diamond of Drury Lane three and a half stars.


~ by metafur on March 7, 2011.

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